Minecraft fans, get ready, the official release date for XBLA has been revealed to be May 9th.

Expect to pay 1600 for the XBLA game, still cheaper than the PC version, but more than the average XBLA game. Still the amount of content that comes packed in Minecraft is worth every penny.

Minecraft will be part of the “Arcade Next” initiative that Microsoft is pushing.  Each game will offer 400 gamerscore points, as opposed to the 200 as is the usual. Bloodforge, Fable Heroes, and Trials Evolution will be included in the new push and should start showing up on April 18th

The PC version of Minecraft launched last fall after a very lengthy beta period.  ‘Notch’ has almost become a household name based on the popularity of the title, so you can see how well the PC iteration of the title did. The XBLA version of the title will include a few unique features, in addition to what you already expect; 4-player split screen being the most notable.

via [IGN]