OMGPOP‘s Draw Something is the App Store’s latest phenomenon, rocketing to the top of both the paid and free apps charts after over 35 million combined downloads. The game’s essentially a simplified version of Pictionary, and hot damn is it addicting. You form some sort of connection with your Interweb stranger as you exchange crudely drawn pictures, both of you staring at the picture muttering, “What the Hell is that?” before the final virtual pen stroke either makes you say “ooo” as a light bulb of understanding pops over your head… or “god dammit” as you hit the ‘pass’ button and destroy you and your partner’s hard earned win streak.

There’s just something about Draw Something that’s so charming that you can’t help but get addicted to it. And free-to-play, social games puppet master Zynga sees the potential in players’ addictions. The company’s decided to acquire OMGPOP for over $200 million, maybe to try and regain their moment of cash cow glory when Farmville and Mafia Wars were in their peak years.

I suppose you should gear yourself for even more aggressive advertisements in-game, along with maybe the introduction of “coins” in exchange for play sessions. Apparently, OMGPOP’s only got plans for new chat features, which probably defeats the “guessing” part of the game unless they put some sort of censor on in-game words, in which case Draw Something might as well become Draw and Taboo Something, as well as photo galleries, and profile pictures that users can draw themselves.

I guess if you can’t copy ’em and beat ’em, might as well buy ’em out. Right, Zynga?

via [VG247 and Ars Technica]