How many more Xbox Live Arcade promotions can Microsoft squeeze into the calendar?

Game Feast, Block Party and House Party will be joined in April and May by Arcade Next, a lineup of four very different, but very cool titles. Each of these titles will feature the new 400 Gamerscore cap.

First up on April 18 for 1200msp, Trials Evolution:

Developed by RedLynx, this hotly anticipated sequel to Trials HD will finally be showing it’s road-rashed face.

Trials Evolution


On April 25 for 1200msp, Bloodforge:

The words that jumped out at me in the game’s description were, “Rage, revenge and betrayal.” Expect lots of bloody kills and a very angry guy killing demons. This one is coming out of Climax Group (Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Overlord: Dark Legend).



On May 2 for 800msp, Fable Heroes:

After you’ve slaked your thirst for blood with Bloodforge, Lionhead wants you to take a cutesy trip through a more lighthearted Albion. As an added bonus, gold earned in Fable Heroes will carry over to the upcoming Fable: The Journey (a Kinect title).

Fable Heroes



Finally, on May 9 for 1600msp, the long-awaited Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition:

4J Studios is porting Mojang’s masterpiece to the Xbox 360. Split-screen and online play come bundled in, along with a full tutorial mode to get new Crafters up to speed and creating some wacky, awesome stuff. From what my PC gamer friends tell me, I should be concerned about these things called Creepers…

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition


There’s no word yet if Microsoft will be running a rebate deal like they have in the past (purchase all the titles and receive some amount of msp back). We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

via[Major Nelson’s Blog]