As someone who was bitten by the League of Legends bug months ago, I should have known that my sudden fascination with the game would lead to sleepless nights of cosplay hunting. There are certainly a few gems lying in wait over at, but Lucindra’s Akali caught my eye immediately. It’s a beautifully-made ensemble complimented by a fearsome prop worthy of any Champion. It’s a wonderful juxtaposition of elegance and oh my God run or she’ll kill you.

Pondering life's great mysteries. Like why won't Cho'Gath leave me alone?

I always considered myself more of a Caitlyn or Ashe girl because, y’know… ranged, but Lucindra’s cosplay leaves me with this inexplicable drive to boot the came up, throw down some cash and give Akali a whirl. Not only is the costume itself stunning, but the blades convey an unmistakable sense of weight and wear, leading me to believe that carrying those around all day wouldis no easy feat. According to Lucinda, she built this cosplay over a span of four days and was eventually named a winner in Riot’s Harrowing Masquerade Contest  It’s a stop notch fan creation worthy of recognition. Here’s hoping she keeps at it; the world needs more outstanding League of Legends cosplay.