By now, chances are you’ve already played Mass Effect 3 and its multiplayer component. What’s interesting here is that wasn’t what BioWare always had in mind. The developer was planning on releasing a standalone, class-based FPS shooter called Mass Effect: Team Assault.

The game was planned to include vehicles, different classes and the like. It’s also worth noting that some of the things planned for Team Assault made it to ME3’s multiplayer – of course, we don’t know if BioWare has entirely abandoned the idea of a Mass Effect FPS or it’s just sitting on the back burner for now.

You can see the prototype game in action, as someone has just posted a video of the game. The video, which dates the trailer as March 25 of last year, showcases the game’s various vehicles – although there is no actual space-fragging going around, though.

What do you think? Could something like this work, or is the market too crowded to for this to be taken as a  serious threat?

Souce: AllGamesBeta