Sony is launching a new software initiative that allows PS3 users to edit video and photos from their console. Titled PlayMemories Studio, users can upload media from cameras and video cameras to a cloud storage space that can be accessed from a PS3 for editing, including subtitles or color schemes. The finished product can be viewed on a PS3, PS Vita or PSP.

All of this is part of a new initiative called “PlayMemories Online,” which allows 5GB of cloud storage for users. The software launches Tuesday, March 27th in the U.S., and on the 28th in Europe and 29th in Japan. In Japan, the software will run the equivalent of about $18 U.S. currency.

My child’s second birthday is coming up this weekend, and I am putting together a slideshow of images from her birth until now. What a perfect time to try the software out myself. I’ll be sure to put up a mini-review for those interested in the functionality of the software. New Sony cameras will include a free version of the software. All others can try it for 30-days free of charge.


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