While PS3 users might already be enjoying the benefits of the recently-released patch for Battlefield 3, Xbox 360 and PC users are still waiting for news on when it will be implemented on their respective platforms. Well, it seems PC users don’t have to wait much longer as DICE has confirmed that the PC patch will be going live tomorrow.

The news was shared by DICE Community Manager Daniel “zh1nt0” Matros on twitter where he stated,

“PC patch has a date which is tomorrow. Coming in hot we will go into maintenance mode from 9-11:30 CET. More details coming on the blog.”

By blog, he’s referring to the Official Battlefield Blog, of course. Sadly, there’s still no updates on when the Xbox 360 version will get its patch.

So, there you have it, PC fans! Battlefield 3 will be patched tomorrow, but don’t forget that there’s also a maintenance period during 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. – which translates to 1 a.m. PST. So make sure you set your fragging time accordingly.

Is this news disconcerting for Xbox 360 fans or are you going to use this time to use certain “features” of the game before they’re patched up permanently?

Source: Twitter