If you’re still on the fence on becoming a PlayStation Plus member, then this might push you over the edge. Sony has just given a preview of what PSN+ members can expect this coming month and I think it’s safe to say that members will be quite happy with what they’ll be offering.

Starting April 3, PS+ members will be able to download Shank 2, Need for Speed: Shift 2 for free! Not only that, but they’re also including the original Silent Hill (released on the PlayStation) as another free download!

In addition to all the freebies, premium members of the PSN will also get early access to the Ghost Recon: Future Soldier closed beta, which is also happening in April.

You can read up on the other free games and items here.

Do keep in mind that the games mentioned above are only “free” as long as you’re a PS+ subscriber. So, if you want to play Future Soldier’s multiplayer early, I suggest getting a PS+ membership or find someone who has one and play on their console.

via [Official US PlayStation Blog]


  1. April is gonna kick ass for Plus. I was iffy with the whole plus idea at first, but decided to try it out… and haven’t looked back. I’ve gotten so much from plus… I literally forget I have some titles. If they’re not free, they’re heavily discounted and my hdd is quickly filling up.