Nintendo’s efforts thus far to promote the Wii U have been, at best, confusing. Upon its initial reveal, consumers, myself included even after testing out the device, were unsure of whether what Nintendo unveiled was simply a new controller or if there was a new console to go along with it.  If there’s one thing the company needs leading up to its release, it is strong marketing. Unfortunately, their UK division, at the moment, appears to be in a bit of upheaval.

According to Gamasutra, Nintendo UK’s head of home console marketing, Rob Lowe, who sadly does not also currently star on NBC’s hilarious “Parks and Recreation” (that would be this Rob Lowe) will be leaving his position effective June 1 after eight years with the company.

The news is another hit to this regional division of Nintendo, as only last month the marketing director and assistant general manager of Nintendo UK Dawn Paine also stepped down and has not been replaced yet.  Nintendo UK’s general manager David Yarnton expressed his well wishes to Lowe as quoted by Gamesindustry International.

Lowe will move on to BBC Worldwide, while Nintendo UK will likely have to scramble to assemble a marketing team to usher in the new phase in the company’s lifecycle.  Hopefully they will find their footing soon.  With E3 on the horizon, Wii U coverage is likely to kick into full gear shortly.