Every year, I take a moment out of my day to think about how far cosplay has come and just how inspirational all these artists are. I think about the characters who inspire us to create and live out our fantasies as we embody them. After years of lurking my way across the internet in search of the world’s finest cosplay, I have come to one eye-opening conclusion: we owe it all to Zangief and the beautiful Zangief cosplay that has appeared over the years. Take a moment to look at these pioneers of costuming.

They braved ridicule, weather, and unnatural chest hair in order to make our dreams come true. These men suffered greatly so that I could walk down the halls of Comic Co and gasp, “holy crap, there’s Zangief!” This is for you, Zangief cosplayers. The love and care you pour into your costumes is obvious, and I never cease to be amazed by your skills.

Though it dawns on me now that this all may be one man. One bold, heroic man.