If you’re a Battlefield 3 fan like me, chances are that one of the things you want most out of the game is the inclusion of a way to record clips or montages out of those special “Battlefield Moments” that players are so used to by now. Yep, I’m talking about Battlecorder, of course, but it seems we have to wait for a little while longer for this Battlefield 2 feature to make it into BF3.

In a special community podcast with Battlefield fan-site Don’t Revive Me Bro, Alan Kertz, senior gameplay designer for BF3 shared his thoughts on this oft-requested feature.

Kertz admitted that if he had unlimited time and resources, the thing he’d want to add most in a patch would be the Battlecorder; and even added that, “there is not one person at DICE that does not want a Battlecorder.”

In saying this, Kertz admitted that the developers themselves really want to give fans a recording tool but they cannot implement this at the moment due to “technical reasons.”

However, Demize99 (as he’s known on twitter), has admitted that a simple, rough recorder is indeed being utilized at their HQ. This is the same recording tool they use to make game trailers. The issue why they can’t just release this is because this current recorder is not presentable and not user-friendly to the general public. He even admits that the current recording tool they have now is “useless junk” and something they simply can’t release to the public just yet.

I must admit, it’s quite disheartening hearing about this, as it’s evident that we’re quite far off from getting an in-game video recorder. Hopefully, DICE can somehow make it happen soon; the basic premise is there, after all.

Are you as interested in a Battlecorder as much as I am, or can you live without it?

Source: Mp1st