Earlier today, Funcom announced details on the pre-order campaign for upcoming modern day MMO The Secret World, with every pre-order being granted access to all Beta Weekends beginning May 11, 2012.

That’s not all gamers will receive for pre-ordering, however. In addition to guaranteed access to all Beta Weekends from May 11 – June 19, with the ability to carry over your characters to every subsequent event, your pre-order earns you the following:

  • Guaranteed Early Access to the game, up to four days prior to the game’s official launch
  • An exclusive in-game item providing an experience boost to progression
  • An exclusive in-game t-shirt featuring a unique monster design
  • A powerful pet (Ferocious Wolf, Egyptian Cat or Loyal Hound) to support the player in combat
  • A head start on character naming before the game launches

“The Beta Weekends are a fantastic opportunity for players to familiarize themselves with the game,” says Funcom SVP of Sales & Marketing Morten Larssen. “With guaranteed access to every single one of these weekends, our pre-order players will have the unique opportunity to truly immerse themselves in the universe that surrounds The Secret World – starting six weeks before launch!”

To register your pre-order, head over to the official site.


  1. I’m kind of torn. The game looks fantastic… but I’m so dead against paying per month, for a game I might not touch all that much during the month (hard to dedicate time some months, it’s why I canned my DCU sub and loved when it went FTP).