It is time for a little head scratching folks! Developers working on Nintendo’s next console, the Wii U, have said the system is on par power wise when compared to the current generation of consoles. You heard that right, Nintendo’s next gen console is almost on par with the the PS3 and Xbox 360 which have been out for years. Good old Nintendo will have some explaining to do if they want people buy into a next gen console that is only as powerful as the last generation.

On a brighter note, Nintendo has yet to align with Sony and Microsoft on the used games debacle. Sony and Microsoft have said that neither of their new systems will allow a used game to work on the same level as a brand new copy. This has sparked a lot of controversy and out cry from gamers and resellers alike. If the Wii U ends up being the only system allowing used games, would that sway you away from the two front runners?

If Nintendo wants to compete with the next generation, they will need to crank things up a little. Two of the biggest drawbacks with the Wii, online capability and graphic power will both need to be addressed with the Wii U. What do you think Nintendo will do to compete with the power houses that both Microsoft and Sony are sure to release?



  1. In no way would I call ps3 and 360 the front runners. Sure they have better hardware, but Nintendo has proven that top of the line ‘HD’ graphics are needed to make incredible games. Its the gameplay that makes a game great and Nintendo has that in spades. Nintendo are innovators, not relying on a crutch called ‘HD’, and for them to have done as well as they did in the current market it means they obviously know what they are doing. I’m confident in Nintendo and no matter what will be picking the Wii U up on release.

  2. “Good old Nintendo will have some explaining to do if they want people
    buy into a next gen console that is only as powerful as the last

    Personally I don’t think they need to explain anything in regards to that even if the graphics are only on par (or even less) than PS3/XBox360.  Nintendo is already doing something different with the controller and will likely have some innovative software to go along with it.

    Additionally it’s the only place to get new console versions of some of the biggest series of games ever. Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Pokémon, Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, etc.  Add in some of the newer stuff like a new Wii Fit, Pikmin 3, and there is plenty of reason to invest in a Nintendo system especially since the new controller will likely change the way even preexisting franchises are played.  Nintendo just makes games that won’t be anywhere else.

  3. Someone explain to me how devs would make such a claim, and which devs to be exact? The Specs of the Wii U are several generations ahead of the 360 and PS3, as well as more powerful.

  4. Pretty redundant article. The Wii did just fine in the current generation without matching the power of it’s competitors consoles. As long as Nintendo keep innovating, which it seems they are, and almost as importantly keep their price point low, the same target market that bought Wii’s will do the same with the Wii-U.

  5. When looking at tech demo’s and reading comments from 3rd party developers, it’s tough to really trust these so-called claims that the hardware is under-powered. 

    I can understand this idea of game ports not working as planned because they were built on different technology.  This is nothing new.  Also, which development kits were these developers using at the time?  From my understanding, Nintendo hasn’t given out finals.  I am sure they are still working on suitable tools to maximize both the GPU and the CPU (both speculated to be quite formidable in terms of technology).

    I HIGHLY doubt that a Power7-based CPU is less powerful than the Xenon processor in the Xbox 360.  The only real competitor I see is the Cell Processor in the PS3 – it’s capabilities still impress me when it is fully utilized.  From my understanding,  the Power7’s lifeblood is multi-core processing.  Without multiple threads, you are essentially shooting yourself in the foot (arrow in the knee?).  Ports may not be utilizing this multi-core processing that the Wii U expects, and therefore appears to be under-powered.

    The GPU should be a no-brainer.  Again, I highly doubt that AMD would design something that is less capable than the x1900 series video card that the Xbox360 is running.  The R700 architecture, while not the most advanced GPU architecture, is certainly beyond the x1900 and the Nvidia 7800 series that the PS3 uses.  To say “shaders aren’t there” seems like an almost impossible scenario.  It IS possible than an early dev kit hasn’t quite utilized the GPU to its full potential.

    If Xbox 360 and PS3 exclusives tell us anything, it’s that when the hardware is used to its full potential, amazing things can happen.

    Perhaps Nintendo has given companies like Gearbox and Ubisoft their latest and greatest, while other companies could be a dev kit behind or just haven’t quite gotten the hang of the new technology.  It’s a learning experience for all.

    Now, if Nintendo is still working out the kinks of their SDK’s tp unlock this potential, they need to get on the ball and get these things worked out before 3rd party interest (especially with smaller devs) dwindles to Wii levels.

    Personally, I don’t care if these games blow the other systems out of the water graphically or don’t, I just want fun games.  Colonial Marines, Darksiders II, and Killer Freaks from Outer Space are Day 1 for me!

  6. You all need to calm down, many devs say that the the Wii U is much more powerful and can handle far more then the current gen. Developers with names not anonymous like EA,Vigil Games,Epic,Crytek,and THQ.

  7. The majority of games I’ve bought for the current generation of consoles have been for the Wii.  It’s not that I don’t like the games on the other consoles I just prefer to buy the PC versions when available.  As such I’d be more than happy with the WiiU being ‘only’ as powerful as the current generation….if that’s true.