In the wake of the success of last weekend’s Operation Raptor, the latest N7 Multiplayer Weekend for Mass Effect 3 will soon hit the shores.

With over 350,000 gamers taking part in last week’s event, BioWare is eager to ensure such numbers are repeated with their latest offering, which begins 6PM PST Thursday April 5, running through to 5AM PST Tuesday April 10 on Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 3.

Operation Beachhead revolves around the premise that Allied forces have sent the odd couple of krogan mercs and batarians with asari justicars to shore up resistance on Reaper-occupied planets to tie down local Reapers.

All N7 Forces will receive a 25% Experience Bonus for participating, and 25% is nothing to laugh at. Note: you will need to enable the ‘Upload Gameplay Feedback’ option in order to do your part in Operation Beachhead.

Good luck in the ongoing battle against the Reapers!


  1. Sweet. I had plans on taking part in last weekends special, but got terribly ill and didn’t even turn my system on.