In a surprising turn of events, it turns out that the Atlus instant classic Persona 3: FES is coming to the PlayStation Network next week as a downloadable PlayStation 2 Classic. For those unaware, Persona 3 FES is a re-release of the original Persona 3 that includes various updates to the core game, and also includes an epilogue chapter to Persona 3 that takes place shortly after the end, entitled “The Answer”. The game is heavily stylized, and features a fantastic soundtrack to keep you entertained for just as long as the game is, which usually seems to take players over 100 hours.

Considering that most games published by Atlus seem to go for a high cost for a physical copy, I’m always happy to see them coming to the PlayStation Network, especially considering the fact that the standard price for the downloadable PlayStation 2 games seems to be only $10. If you’re looking for a JRPG timesink and haven’t yet played any of the Persona games, I highly recommend you drop the cash on this when it releases on April 10th.

via [Gameranx]