If you hadn’t yet heard, the Smithsonian opened a new exhibit in the American Art Museum a few weeks ago, fully dedicated to the art of gaming. It has already seen a series of events, panels, and lectures since its opening, and promises to keep going strong until October of this year, when it leaves for its nationwide tour that ends in January of 2016. Ars Technica has recently posted a page dedicated to the exhibit, featuring photos of exhibit material like concept art, and the displays of old-school consoles. If you can’t get to the exhibit yourself, this is probably the next best place to go to check it out.

The author of the piece, Jonathan Gitlin, also outlined some of the shortcomings of the exhibit. Apparently, you’re only allowed to travel in one direction while viewing the exhibit, which seems odd. How many other museum exhibits make you walk one way only? Some of the game selection and presentation has been called shortsighted, as well. And there aren’t enough examples of artifacts of the gaming industry, (Gitlin uses concept art as an example: seems there is only a scant amount of it). There are a few pieces of the exhibit that you can view from its home page, such as developer interviews, and it seems like these are some of the more interesting examples of content the exhibit has to offer. Well, for the first museum exhibit dedicated to video games, there were bound to be some problems, right?

Check out the Smithsonian’s webpage for the exhibit the see the aforementioned content, and Ars Technica to see the photos of the exhibit.

via [Ars Technica]