Star Wars: The Old Republic’s next update will be making its way to live servers next week, and BioWare continues to remind players that its deployment is close. In their latest offering, the new Novare Coast warzone is previewed in a 2 minute long video.

Novare Coast takes players to the war-torn planet of Denova, where opposing forces battle for control of strategically vital beachhead. In order to secure the beach, teams will need to control mortar turrets which are used to bombard the enemy with cupcakes heavy fire. Essentially, Novare Coast is a control the node battlefield with the mechanics of control being different to those of the Alderaan Civil War. The time required to capture a node in Novare Coast is reduced according the number of players participating in its capture. Additionally, if your capture is interrupted, you can resume where you left off provided you defeat the enemy’s assault on your position.

Update 1.2  – Legacy is expected to go live at some point next week, according to an announcement today at PAX East. You can view the warzone preview below.