There’s no shortage of Legend of Zelda cosplay on the internet, nor should there be considering just long the franchise has been around. It’s not always gorgeous, but the passion for the fandom is usually appreciate. Yet if you sift through the white tights and bright green tunics long enough, you’ll find a cosplay that stuns you until you realize that no, it’s not a screenshot. It’s real. Akuriko was one such example, a breath of fresh air one evening during my crusade to find outstanding homages to the Zelda series.

The costume itself is just serenity incarnate. I adore the detail on the armor, which Akuriko crafted from foam and fiberglass resin. The glyphs on the bodice were detailed by both hand and machine, leaving me to believe that she possesses the patience of a saint. Every piece of this cosplay just screams devotion, as it seems as though there’s no a single hair or thread out of place. It’s one of those cosplays that warrants pause and leaves you wondering if Zelda herself stepped out of the television and into your world. I don’t know where she came from, but I hope she’s here to stay… and make more costumes like this.