As expected, a new Infinity Blade 2 update is almost upon us. The new update will include a globally social battle mode called ClashMob. This mode will feature ever changing challenges that require you to team up with friends in order to earn special achievements, perks and rewards.

Any friends you add via Facebook or the Gamecenter on iOS will automatically drop in your “MyMob” interface. This makes for super easy set up and will allow you to play with thousands of others as you try and complete these massive quests. Players will benefit from getting as many friends playing as possible because the more members in your mob the better the reward upon completion.

If ClashMob was not reason enough to get excited about this update it seems there is more. Players should also be receiving additional equipment with a gem interface including a forge. This new forge will allow the combination of three gems into one more powerful gem.

This is an excellent update that will add some impressive features to an already awesome game. As of now there is no official release date.