Console players of the popular Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will now notice that some rough edges have been smoothed out, as well as some new features in their game thanks to an update released by Bethesda. The latest update, version 1.5, was previously released for the PC version and officially hit the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions on April 5, 2012.

This latest update incorporates new features, some that add to the gameplay and some that provide some cosmetic enhancements. These include the following:

  • New cinematic kill cameras for projectile weapons and spells
  • New kill moves and animations for melee weapons
  • Smithing skill increases now factor in the created item’s value
  • Improved visual transition when going underwater
  • Improved distance LOD transition for snowy landscapes

Additionally, the patch also fixes a host of bugs and gameplay inconsistencies that have been known to cause mission failures, game crashes and exploits that people have used to cheat with. Issues such as NPC actions and dialogue blocking progress, improper leveling and broken missions have been fixed, along with issues such as dialogue cutting out, objects getting stuck in the environment and other general bugs and crashes being patched.

Along with the patch, Bethesda also released some interesting factoids about Skyrim. They have stated that the average time gamers have played Skyrim, across all three platforms, is 85 hours. On top of this, 30% of players have gone over the 100 hour mark. Bethesda has also stated that more news on Skyrim will be forthcoming. Could this include the long-awaited DLC expansion? Fingers crossed.

via [Gamezone]


  1. I got the update for PS3 and it played well until I touched water.  Don’t touch the water.  I have read some fixes on line and will be trying them.  Hard to believe that Bethesda did any testing on this patch for PS3.

  2. I just updated about two hours ago.  You can swim in water as long as you dont let your head go under.  The problem is when you try to submerge yourself.  Because Bethesda tried to ”
    Improved visual transition when going underwater” this instead caused the system to crash freezing mid way going under water.  If you intend on swimming, keep your head up or just stick to wait high water.

  3. For everyone who has problems on PS3, just delete the Game Data (not the Save Data) and re-install it and you should be A-OK. I did it and I’m having no problems at all, it’s actually working a lot better then before.

  4. If you need to go through water to get to were youre going, if you look up (not at the water) the game doesnt have to process the new “water transition” and you can get through without it freezing. Do that until the new update comes out lol. Tried deleting game data and it didnt work for me…but avoiding looking at the water while in it worked every time. good luck.

  5. New patch for ps3 is downloaded, water freezes my ps3 every time. Hunting a wolf, its laying dead on the other side of the river…freeze.  Escape bandits by jumping off bridge into water…freeze. Collecting eggs in the water…freeze.  Annnnnddd done…not going to avoid water when its all over the game, I could try but would forget if in a flash battle and need to escape quickly.

  6. i have a problem mine wont even load…. and if it does load i have to start a new game then load it from there…. and as soon as i play give it 5 mins and it freezes and this is with the new patch any suggestions?

  7. To fix the freezing issue all u need to do is go to the game datta storage and delete the skyrim gmae and update data, then put skyrim in and reinstall the data, and problem solved! NOTE: DON’T delete the save data!!!!! Game and update data are different from the save data!!!

  8. For all the people complaining about the game freezing in the water DELETE THE GAME DATA AND UPDATE DATA…NOT SAVE GAME DATA…AND REUPDATE AND INSTALL…works perfectly after you do that.

  9. Here is the deal. The 1.05 patch that supposedly “improves visual transition while going underwater” does just the opposite for some, not all, PS3 consoles. Evidently this has a quick fix, according to this stream’s Brdpolston3, by deleting and reinstalling the game data. So I’m putting it to the test at this very moment, as I write this. But if you want to play without having to deal with all that business, you CAN go underwater as long as you’re in aerial view mode and don’t try to pull the camera shot “underwater”. As soon as your screen starts displaying ANYTHING underwater – the game will freeze… everytime unless, of course, you’re one of the lucky ones whose console it doesn’t bother. And its not just a push start and load game from last save freeze, its a shut the console off and reboot from scratch freeze. Friggin beyond annoying especially if you’re in the middle of a quest where you MUST view underwater to complete it. For instance, the Bards College Quest: Tending The Flames at Dead Man’s Respite requires you to swim through an old ruin underwater, which is exactly what I was about to do when my console loaded that damn patch and froze my world over but good. And I’m just about to find out if….. YES, it worked!! I’m actually swimming AND viewing underwater looking at the beauty that is Skyrim’s aqua world once again! Aahhh… Thanx to Brdpolston3, the headache DOES go away once you delete the GAME DATA listed simply as “SKYRIM” and the 1.05 patch listed as “Skyrim Update” in the “Game Data Utility (PS3)” file. DO NOT delete anything in the “Saved Data Utility” file.
    I’ll repeat once more….
    **Under the file name “Game Data Utility (PS3)” – DO delete “SKYRIM” and “Skyrim Update” then load the game (allow it to load and install all over again just like when you first got it), then start the game as normal.**
    **Under the file name “Saved Game Utility” – DON’T DO ANYTHING.**

    That is about as clear as I can make it. That damn water bug had me punchin the screen and now it is gone. If you can’t get this to work for you then maybe a Skyrim water bug isn’t your biggest problem (no offense).

    • so explain exactly how to do everything….for instance, i just turned on my xbox 360 and im staring at the home screen….where do i go from there in order to delete the game data but not delete my progress in skyrim

    • so explain exactly how to do everything….for instance, i just turned on my xbox 360 and im staring at the home screen….where do i go from there in order to delete the game data but not delete my progress in skyrim

    • so explain exactly how to do everything….for instance, i just turned on my xbox 360 and im staring at the home screen….where do i go from there in order to delete the game data but not delete my progress in skyrim

  10. “Long awaited”…like Hell! I stopped even trying with this piece of shit software back in january. I figured I’d give it the benefit of the doubt now that a new patch is out. Nope. First time I turn it on, damned thing crashes every single time I go in water now. Every damned update they put out fixes nothing and wrecks the game further. The first update they put out made my dragons fly backwards goddamnit! 

  11. Need to knw if I need to be online to fix my skyrim from freezing up on certain missions or not? Will jus deleteing game data frm system then re-install fix problem?