In a recent press event in Italy, Capcom released a new trailer for Resident Evil 6. It’s full of what you’d expect a Resident Evil trailer to be full of: Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield, a mysterious virus, drama, explosions, and Italian subtitles. Okay, maybe that last isn’t completely normal. But the new trailer also contained one interesting piece of information: a second date. That’s right. It’s somewhat confusing (at least to me), but at the end of the trailer, the previously announced date of 20-11-2012 (November 20th), pops up, but then melts away, and is replaced by the date 02-10-2012. October 2nd. What does it mean? Is it Capcom’s way of telling us that the release date has actually been moved forward, something that is almost unheard of in the industry? Was it announcing both the North American and European release dates, separated by more than a month for some reason? I’ve said it before: I’m no analyst. Check out the trailer over at Joystiq and tell us, RipTenners: what do you think of the dual dates?

via [Joystiq]