This is what we call a teaser title. You are obviously very confused how the next title in the Resident Evil series could possible cost more than $100 or $150 at worst for a collectors edition. Resident Evil 6 is getting a platinum edition that will run around $1,200, but is only available in Capcom’s Japanese e-store. So, what does it include? Some phone cases, a secret box (parental advisory through link) and a Leon Kennedy jacket.

That is correct. You can own a replica of the leather jacket made famous(?) by Leon Kennedy. Now, Leon has always been my favorite character in the RE series, but I never paid a great deal of attention to his jacket. It was just a leather jacket. A jacket just like the ones I have purchased in the past for half the price of this edition. That being said, limited editions of games are pretty fantastic. Capcom only have 5,000 platinum editions of Resident Evil 6 on offer, so if you are really in need of a zombie (or whatever zombie-like monster it is this time) slaying jacket get on it!