In their showing at PAX East this past weekend, the brass at BioWare dropped some hints as to what fans might expect from the next installment in the popular Dragon Age series. The 2009 release of Dragon Age: Origins was a jewel in the crown for BioWare, however opinion is divided on the Dragon Age 2 and many series fans are hoping for a return to the Origins style of gameplay with Dragon Age 3. If what they indicated during PAX proves to be true, fans might be very pleased indeed.

Creative director Mike Laidlaw did not confirm anything concrete in terms of what will actually be in the finished product, or even that a finished product was on the way, but he did discuss feedback he has received from the community. Specifically discussed was some aspects of Dragon Age 2 that the community has been vocal about wanting changed, such as the game’s linearity, lack of mission diversity and the reusing of levels. To that last point, the panel at PAX loudly proclaimed “Will do!” and this could lead one to believe this practice will not be employed in future Dragon Age games. Other aspects discussed include customizable equipment for your followers and the decisions you have made in previous games carrying over into the new one. The latter has been used to great effect in BioWare’s popular Mass Effect series and it would be well suited to the Dragon Age universe as well.

At this point, Dragon Age 3 is an unconfirmed title that is being discussed strictly as a “work in progress” by the developer, with ideas being tossed around and fan feedback on previous games being taken into consideration. For all it’s positive critical reviews, Dragon Age 2 was panned by many gamers are being too linear and unvaried, especially next to Dragon Age: Origins. Will the third installment see a return to form, or perhaps a happy medium between the two? All will be revealed with time.

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  1. DAO was a complete package that offered a huge amount of entertainment. Weird choices aside fro DA2, it felt like a quick Expansion turned sequel rush job. Sure, it looked better and the combat a bit more fluid, but it honestly felt like a measly “oh here’s some more” offering which paled in comparison to the original.

  2. DO2 was awful. SW:TOR was like they took the most boring parts of WoW and imported it into Star Wars. ME3 showed that Bioware doesn’t see their fans as anything more than cows to be milked for money. 

    No doubt around the release of DO3, EA will buy a bunch of glowing reviews… but there’s no way in hell I’m going to be buying it… 

  3. The biggest reason for dragon age 2 having boring gameplay was the combat. In DAO that could be forgiven as the storyline was so epic, but the only way I see to make the third game more fun would be to make combat more like ME 3 with swords. A hack and slash style would bring the game forward into this century, despite criticism from those stubborn fans who still want to play an updated Baldur’s gate.
    Dragon age 2’s biggest problem was the archaic click and engage combat system, and I don’t see the third game appealing to the mainstream market unless it modernises itself and takes a leaf out of K of Amalur’s book.