Whether or not you were excited for a third installment in the hit-and-miss Lost Planet series, it seems Capcom may have accidentally let slip the details a little sooner than they wanted to. A video that confirmed the existence of the title was posted to Youtube yesterday, before being quickly pulled. [via MCV] The title was expected to be officially announced at Captivate, though as of yet, no official statement has been made.

There have been some tidbits that have rolled their way out of Captivate regarding Lost Planet 3, however. A few screenshots (one can be seen above) have slipped through the net, as well as some minor details on the game itself. In this installment of the series, you play as Jim, a rig pilot from earth who takes on a job on E.D.N III searching for samples of the planet’s thermal energy supply.

The whole “rig” aspect seems central to the game, as you’ll need to pilot a utility rig around E.D.N III to protect yourself both from the planet’s extreme conditions, and the hostile Akrid, who have returned and, apparently, require a more tactical approach this time around. The rig will contain a series of tools that are essential to your survival on the planet. Gameplay this time around will be a mix of third-person shooting on the ground, and first-person shooting from the rig, with an emphasis on the exploration of the uncharted regions of the planet as you search for more T-Energy. The game is currently slated for a Spring 2013 release on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

So far, none of this has been definitively confirmed, and the title itself hasn’t been announced yet, but it’s always fun to speculate. Any of you RipTenners excited for Lost Planet 3?