With the recent 1.2 Legacy update to Star Wars: The Old Republic it seems BioWare has started somewhat of a fire storm over the “gifting” to players. If you stuck it out and surpassed level 50 the title of “most valued player”, a free month of access is yours.

BioWare has established a cut off point of April 12th, 2012 at 12:00PM CDT/5:00PM GMT for those level 50 players who will receive a free month of play. If you did not achieve the almighty level 50 status by this time, you can just pay for access like the rest of us. There are a lot of people who have yet to attain the required level but many of them have maintained an active account for the entire period of time.

If you are anything like me getting a level 50 is not difficult, but I love to start multiple characters. Then there are the players who are uber social and spend more time chatting and playing around. These players are just as valuable, and most times we would love to be hammering away and leveling up, but life, work and responsibilities get in the way. These players will get the Legacy Tauntaun Ram for having a registered account in good standing, but not getting the free game time is a low blow to paying gamers.

Some gamers are trying to justify the “gift” as meant to appease the hardcore PVP folks who were looking forward to the Ranked Warzones that have been excluded from the update. Things have been pretty rocky for Star Wars: The Old Republic over the last 5 months and singling out gamers in good standing as less than “most valued” may not be a brilliant idea.

Via [kotaku]


  1. Well that is interesting…I would guess half their player base would fit the over 50 criteria. Thats like 700,000 players. Multiply that by $15 thats 10.5 million dollars! Are they doing that well?