It’s hard to believe it, but inXile Entertainment’s Wasteland 2 Kickstarter is nearing it’s close. From the hilarious pitch video, to our discussion with Brian Fargo and through the epic reunion of key Black Isle team members, it has been a fascinating project to watch grow. However, it is not too join the crusade to protect the post-apocalyptic wasteland from mutated creatures and malicious humans. You’ve still got just a little bit of time left; 24 hours to be exact.

In order to sweeten the pot, Fargo and team have added new incentives at the $30 tier. For those at that level and higher up on the ladder, you’ll now get access to:

  • An additional digital copy of the game for you or a friend (mix and match platforms)
  • Even more Ranger portraits to give your party a more diverse look, complete with new icons for the in-game map
  • Access to a four-part video dev blog. You’ll get an inside look at designer and art-review meetings, including Brian Fargo, Chris Avellone, Mike Stackpole, Alan Pavlish and others.
  • A novella by Chris Avellone based on the Wasteland universe

If you are currently at the $15 level, this new tier might give you a reason to upgrade your support. If you’re already kicking in more, well, now there is even more to be excited about.

When we spoke with Fargo last night, the excitement was palpable. With $3 million in reach, you can bet that the team is watching the ticker on bated breath.

The Kickstarter ends on Tuesday, April 17, 2012 at 8:05 AM Eastern / 5:05 AM Pacific, so make your decisions quickly. You can also join members of the team for a live-streamed wrap-up party TODAY (Monday April 16, 2012) from 10 PM – 12 AM Eastern time. There will be a number of special guests making an appearance.

You can check out the full list of backer rewards, the hilarious spoof videos and some of the fantastic artwork already generated for the game at the official Kickstarter page.  Also, remember that Wasteland 2 is leading the way on the Kicking it Forward movement, which will see 5% of post-ship profits funneled back into Kickstarter projects.


Michael Futter is the Managing Editor of @RipTen. You can follow him on Twitter @mmmfutter.


    • They do, in fact accept Paypal. It’s on the Wasteland 2 homepage, which you can get to by going to the kickstarter page, then heading to the FAQ at the bottom of the page, then clicking on the question “Why don’t you accept PayPal?” You will be given a link to the PayPal for the game.