Yesterday, BioWare kicked off a surprise world event in Star Wars: The Old Republic, with a rakghoul virus outbreak taking place on the desert planet of Tatooine.

Players are being alerted to the growing threat via news reports on the Fleet, and additional reports on Tatooine itself. The new World Event adds a number of temporary dailies to the game, with rewards including the ability to purchase black-green crystals, companion appearance modifications and a rakghoul pet. A second rakghoul pet can be earned by completing a scavenger hunt of sorts.

Additionally, there are three world bosses to defeat on Tatooine in order to earn a new title. Players can also become infected with the rakghoul plague, culminating in an disfiguring transformation, complete with unfortunate consequences.

The World Event coincides with the release of Update 1.2 – Legacy, continuing the story begun in 1.1’s Rise of the Rakghouls. More information about the World Event can be found here.