As I sorted through the items I collected at PAX East, I found a stack of cards handed to me be a friendly representative from Riot Games.

“Give these to your readers,” she whispered. “They’ll love you for it.”

As someone who is about to dip his toe into the waters of this astoundingly popular League of Legends for the first time (and document it for your amusement), I had no idea what she meant. I mentioned to one of my colleagues, Features Editor Stephanie Gutowski, what I had, and her eyes bugged out… at least I think that was the emoticon she used. Apparently, these are hard to come by… and we’re giving them away.

We have five Sivir with PAX Sivir skins and almost 20 Riot Nasus skins to give away to YOU, our loyal readers. There will be five First Prize winners, who will get codes for both. The remainder of the winners will get a Riot Nasus skin.

All you need to do is:

  1. Follow @RipTen on Twitter
  2. Tweet the following, “Win Sivir, PAX Sivir and Riot Nasus from @RipTen and @RiotGames. #StartARipTenRiot”
  3. Keep your eyes on your DMs after the contest closes on Friday April 20 at 3 PM PST. As these are codes, there is no restriction on your location. North America, Europe, Antarctica… all fair game.

Simple, right?

Now… maybe one of you wants to teach me how to play…


UPDATE: ALL CODES DISTRIBUTED. Thank you for entering!


Michael Futter is the Managing Editor of @RipTen. You can follow him on Twitter @mmmfutter.


  1. Thanks for the opportunity.  Play both of these champs and would love to get my hands on a code, especially the Riot Nasus.  He is my main champ!

  2. Wow, the Riot Team is kind enough to do this! You as well!
    I entered in the contest. :)

    All I’m confused about is what’s a DM?

    • hi i’m LOL kr server user
      be poor at english
      Currently kr server EU / NA can use the code used in.
      I want to have pax sivir
      I’m sorry, but please…!
      If at all possible send plz~
      Thank you for reading writing

  3. hey guys, some who used fax sivir EU or NA.. plz give to me a code.. cause ill use that for KR.. plz  []

  4. hey guys, some who used fax sivir EU or NA.. plz give to me a code.. cause ill use that for KR.. plz  []

  5. Hey everyone, you really do need to read the instructions. We’re giving these away via Twitter. We will not be awarding codes to commenters. 

    I’m glad you are all excited, but please do follow the instructions.

  6. Just to let both those at RipTen and everyone entering the contest know, codes can be entered three times – once on NA, EU, and KR servers (perhaps more if there are more servers? Not really something I’ve looked into). Might be nice to have a “swap meet” article made after the contest ends, people can either trade codes or just give the unused ones away.

    And, win or lose, thanks muchly for doing this. Would love to get one of these :-D