Arkane Studios has released a new trailer for their upcoming title, Dishonored. The game will be a deep first person shooter, heavy on the action.

In Dishonored you will play as a bodyguard turned assassin who was framed for the murder of the Empress. With a disturbing mask for a calling card, you must deal with a city of unrest that is ruled by a corrupt government. Dark forces will try to befriend you with powers beyond that of the common man.

Dishonored features a creative combat system that will allow players to combine weapons, unusual gadgets and supernatural abilities to eliminate targets. Each mission will be affected by your decisions. So whether you want to stalk your prey in the shadows or take them head on, the choice is yours and will have an impact as the game progresses.

Dishonored is slated for release on the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC later this year.

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