At this point, most people who following the gaming industry know that Sony‘s new handheld, the PlayStation Vita, hasn’t been selling very well. It had a rather quiet launch in Japan back in December, and hasn’t fared much better here in North America. This past week, though, sales of the Vita hit a record low in Japan, with only 8,931 units moved. U.S sales are expected to be around 125,000 units, but that is still significantly below the initial expectations. In a world dominated by smartphones and tablets, Sony hasn’t been doing much to prove that the Vita is a system you need to purchase. Unless they turn that around, it’s unlikely that sales of the device are going to improve anytime soon. A few new releases wouldn’t hurt, either.

via [Slashgear]


  1. It’s really all about the games. Japan just doesn’t see any of those crazy popular games it’s looking for. I personally, love my vita and the few games I have for it, but when I see weekly release lists and see a single vita game that I care nothing for on said list… I just hope for something in the future. There are some fantastic games available for it right now, the launch line up did well to cover many basis… and they keep talking of upcoming titles… but it’s F***in slow right now.

    All that said, look to the 3DS back when it launched and the struggle it had until a price drop and some solid titles were announced. At $250 and without titles like mario cart being teased, it sat on shelves.

    $250 is not a small amount of change to drop on a new system. With PS3s at the same price and competition lower, it’s a hard sell to anyone whom isn’t already hardcore set on it based on launch titles.