When we spoke with Brian Fargo on Sunday night, just a little over a day before the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter drew to a close, it was easy to tell the emotions were running high. “The pressure is ON to deliver,” he shared. At the same time, the CEO/Leader in Exile of inXile Entertainment seemed incredulous this was really coming to pass, finally, after all these years.

“I can’t believe I am finally going to be able to make this game.”

Now, with a completed Kickstarter campaign totaling over $2.9 million (with an additional $111,000 coming from PayPal pledges), contributed by over 61,000 backers, production on Wasteland 2 can begin, taking the game one step further down the road to reality. It has been a long road for Fargo who pitched the title to every major publisher, and was turned down by each in a variety of colorful ways. Now, after seeing how powerful crowd funding is, some of them, according to an Ask Me Anything on Reddit have come a-knocking in response to the Kickstarter’s success.

Of COURSE I have had some publishers call me to voice their interest in Wasteland and of me doing RPGs. I knew that was coming. I had one group that wanted to fund my marketing for a piece of the pie. I politely explained that we have an ARMY of fans who are better than any marketing campaign.

Recently, inXile Entertainment added items to the $30 tier, so those funding at least that much will get an inside look at the development process via a four-part video development blog. Much like the rest of the process, you can expect that these will be raw and unvarnished. Fargo’s approach has always been “what you see is what you get” and we are very anxiously looking forward to the final product of that philosophy.

We can now finally say with some authority that Wasteland 2 is slated for release on PC, Mac and Linux in October of 2013.

When asked about what Wasteland 2 means to him, now that it’s a reality, Fargo told us that it’s a “dream come true.”


  1. I love kickstarter for this and for Tim Shafer for attempting what he did and really showing the world what fans can do. Over 3mill for both the Double Fine Project and Wasteland 2 is quite the feats, with Shadowrun Returns shifting into 1.2mill as we speak, it’s very exciting to see things progress. If anything, I hope this humbles publishers a bit and forces them to re-think putting down projects so quickly without looking into it or trying to change it into Call of Duty.