THQ has announced a new August 2012 release date for Darksiders II via the official Darksiders II Facebook page and the “new and improved” The site is so new that some of the images aren’t loading. There was no press release in our inbox, and only the keen eye of our Publisher brought this delay to our attention. A stealthy update, indeed.


During our interview with THQ Executive Vice President of Core Games Danny Bilson, there was some equivocation about the game making its previously announced release date of June 26, 2012. It seems that uncertainty has turned into a definite delay, putting the release beyond the company’s July 23, 2012 deadline to return to compliance with NASDAQ.

While this is certainly disappointing for those eager to get their hands on the sequel to the exciting and acclaimed Darksiders, the extra time that THQ is giving Vigil Games will more than likely be used to polish and perfect what promises to be an epic adventure. It’s heartening to see a publisher delay a game in the name of putting forward a complete and refined game.

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