Zach Gage isn’t a household name… yet. After the overwhelming critical success of his Scrabble meets Tetris masterpiece, Spelltower, he may well soon be.

Gage seems to have captured lightning in a bottle with Spelltower’s sleek, simple design paired with accessible, addictive gameplay. Sure, there are plenty of games available for iOS devices, but Gage has managed to find growth in the months since his solo masterpiece was released where so many others get buried. Now, with the release of an update that brings the game full use of the New iPad’s Retina display, Spelltower’s App Store ranking has shot up.

In an effort to make the most of the opportunity, he’s dropped the price to $.99 for 24 hours in order to shoot as high as he can go and, if successful, knock Angry Birds Space and Draw Something from their perches at the top.

For word nerds (like myself) and those that simply want to see the little guy triumph over the mobile megaliths.

You can check the game out on the official website, and purchase it on the App Store.