It seems one of Popcap‘s most popular titles, Plants Vs. Zombies will see some pretty significant additions today. This update is aimed at the iPad and iPhone platforms and should be available now.

This update is geared more toward the owners of iPads as a lot of the new updates have already been seen on the iPhone. The biggest edition to the iPhone update will be the inclusion of the Vasebreaker game mode. In Vasebreaker mode, you will smash vases hoping to find a plant and not a dreaded zombie. A total of nine levels make up the mode and in game coins will be required to unlock later levels as you progress.

iPad owners with Plants Vs. Zombies HD will see the real meat of this update. Users finally get the Zen Garden allowing players to grow their own plants and gain coins for your hard work. iPad users will also get the aforementioned Vasebreaker mode along with the I Zombie mode which allows players to take up arms as the zombies and try to destroy the plants. iPad users can now enjoy all 4 mini games; Slot Machine, Beghouled Twist, Portal Combat and Zombiquarium. The iPad update also sports 5 new Game Center leaderboards, but there has been no mention of graphical optimization for the new iPad’s amazing Retina display.

Both iPhone and iPad players will see additional achievements and language support for French, German, Italian and Spanish. Plants Vs. Zombies HD owners will also notice a number of new coin packs available upon updating.

Plants Vs. Zombies for the iPhone is currently available on the app store for $2.99 and iPad users will find the HD version available for $6.99. If you have not played this game, go and pick it up. There are hours of fun to be had regardless of platform.