You’ve been spending these long months devising every arcane ritual you could think of to impose your will on Blizzard. They must give you access to the Diablo III beta. You poured an uncountable number of hours into Diablo and Diablo II. You are their biggest fan, dang it!

It seems your prayers, supplications and sacrifices are finally being heard… though not in the way you intended. Blizzard has thrown open the doors to the Diablo III beta for one weekend only. All you need do is:

  • Create/Login to your account
  • Create your Battletag (required for playing Diablo III)
  • Download the PC or Mac client and get your demon slaying on from 12:01 PM April 20, 2012 (PDT) through 10:00 AM April 23, 2012 (Yes… that means you can go RIGHT NOW!)

You’ll have access to all five classes and can finally get your mouse on the game you’ve been waiting for, and if you’re in the closed beta, you’ll get to continue on until the servers shut down on May 1, 2012.

Of course, that’s just going to make the next three weeks harder as you wait for the game’s release on May 15, 2012. What are you waiting for? Go get clicky.


Update: It seems the servers hath been CRUSHED (surprising, we know). Blizzard’s Community Manager tweeted:

We’ve temporarily capped #D3 open beta concurrency until we can address some stability issues. Expect Error 37 and login failure.

Additionally, it was brought to our attention that the open beta servers are North American only. Non-Americans (Nonmericans!) can still play by choosing to log in to the correct servers… ya know… except for that whole Error 37 thing.



  1. I had downloaded the client previously and had it updated etc. but I still get the “the fire still falls” message, do I need to redownload it?

    • It seems like Blizzard’s servers are having a bit of trouble handling the load of people trying to get into the open beta. They’ve temporarily capped the open beta as a result. That could possibly be the issue?

  2. I can’t even get the client to download. When I start the setup, it hangs on “Updating setup files”. 

    Am I the only one?