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Grim Dawn by Crate Entertainment
Fundraising Deadline: Friday May 18, 2012 @ 11:59 PM EDT
Fundraising Goal: $280,000
Project Type: Video Game (Action RPG)
Platform(s): PC
Estimated Project Completion: Aug 2013
Kicking it Forward Participant

Project Description:

Grim Dawn is an action role-playing game for PC and a spiritual successor to Titan Quest.  For the past two years a small team of former Iron Lore veterans at Crate Entertainment have been developing Grim Dawn with their own, improved version of the Iron Lore engine and tools; the same technology used to create Titan Quest.

We’ve listened to years of feedback from the Titan Quest community and continue to do so every day on the Grim Dawn forums as we strive to improve upon past performance and make this our greatest work yet.  The creation of Grim Dawn is guided by traditional design and old school sensibilities, with innovation only in the areas where we feel it truly improves the game and isn’t just a gimmicky back of the box feature.

Many fans of Titan Quest have been clamoring for a new entry in that series. Unfortunately, despite selling over 1 million copies, prospects for an official continuation of the series look dim. That’s where Crate Entertainment and founder Arthur Bruno come in. Unlike many Kickstarter projects, Grim Dawn is already well underway. In the pitch video, you can even get a taste of the alpha gameplay already in place. The funds raised will be used to finish the project and bring the game to market.


For Action RPG fans, there is a lot to like in the design. Grim Dawn features a more open world, allowing players to venture off the critical path. With some randomized elements, there will be greater opportunity for replay. Oh, and lets not forget the loot. Crate is working hard to minimize the amount of junk that drops, giving players greater chance for items usable by their class. Less crap means fewer trips to town, right?


You can learn more about the Grim Dawn project on the Kickstarter page.





Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards: 25th Anniversary Edition by Replay Games
Fundraising Deadline: Friday May 2, 2012 @ 12:30 PM EDT
Fundraising Goal: $500,000
Project Type: Video Game (Point and Click Adventure)
Platform(s): PC, Mac, iOS, Android
Estimated Project Completion: Oct 2012


Project Description:

It’s simple. We love Larry…Larry Laffer. We were there when he was born, in 1987. We were there for his last adventure, LOVE FOR SAIL, almost exactly 10 years later.

And we’ve long wished for a version that would combine the characters and game play we already love with:

  • The freedom to play on mobile devices
  • A modern point-and-click/touchscreen interface
  • Updated, ultra-high res graphics
  • Fully voiced characters
  • Even more of the humor that’s made Al Lowe a household name…like “Borders” and “Enron”!
The only reason this hasn’t made an appearance earlier is because we simply assumed that it would be funded in a heartbeat. It’s close, and the trends look good, but it still needs some help.


How can you not love Leisure Suit Larry? The games are crass, juvenile and everything that was right about early adventure games. Al Lowe, the man behind the leisure suit, is a master.  This is going to be the great game you (or your parents) remember, rebuilt from the ground up… like some kind of bionic pervert.


You can learn more about the Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards: 25th Anniversary Edition project on the Kickstarter page.





Flame War by Luke Peterschmidt
Fundraising Deadline: Sunday June 3, 2012 @ 1:03 PM EDT
Fundraising Goal: $9,500
Project Type: Card Game
Estimated Project Completion: Oct 2012


Project Description:
Flame War is a stand-alone card game where each player takes the roll of a forum admin. Starting threads, posting, flaming, maybe some trolling, and perhaps even bringing up a certain Pony that might in fact be little and belong to someone you know…
Closing down threads scores you points, and the player who scores the most points when the game ends wins.


It’s no secret that we have board game loves on the RipTen staff. In fact, the imminent release of Duels of the Planeswalkers for iOS might grind RipTen productivity to a halt. That said, how could we not pick a game that combines our love of card-based diversions with the insanity of internet forums. Flame War has some credibility behind it, including Andy Chambers, a veteran of both Games Workshop and Blizzard. Impressive!


Just remember, at the other end of your angst-filled troll post is an admin just waiting with the ban hammer.


You can learn more about the Flame War project on the Kickstarter page.

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  1. Kickstarter scam; is the Power Pot a scam or not?
    Maybe you guys can help me out. The power pot product on kickstarter uses TEC’s, thermoelectric conductors, to produce electricity when boiling water.From my knowledge, TEC’s are made up of two ceramic plate with a conductor in the middle and when connected to a battery source, one side of the plate gets hot while the other cold; Peltier’s theory. When the TEC is shorted, and heat or a flame is exposed to one side, the other side gets cold. When the TEC is connected to a battery source and heat is exposed to one side, it will charge the battery source. The “power pot” claims in the video, that when boiling water over a fire, it will produce electricity which i think is a load of s–t. Maybe for the first minute when the water is cold, but once the water gets hot, the TEC will malfunction. This company is getting funded in 14 hours and Kickstarter said they can’t do anything once they met their limit so please help the cause becauase in my opion, these guys are a bunch of theives. btw, the power pot company already raised $120,000. Thanx for your help

    • PowerPot is not a scam. I managed to pre-order one before they were doing kickstarter, and it works! 

      Think about it, how hot does water get when it boils? Answer, 100C or 212F. How hot is the flame from propane or a campfire? 300+ Celsius! This means the water (even boiling) will always be colder than a healthy flame, meaning you will always have a temperature difference. Isn’t that what Peltier’s theory is talking about? Temperature difference = electricity. Granted, the otuput is higher with ice cold water and raging inferno, but there is still a sizable output with boiling water and a propane or wood flame, b/c there is a temperature diff of 200-300 C. 

      Anyways, thanks for hating. Peace!  ^_^