Now, for the inaugural Android device WTD.



Easily one of the best games on the Android platform. Battleheart does strategy/RPG right. Multiple characters with skill trees and abilities to unlock, as well as loot to find. If you haven’t played it, now is the time. $2.99 is a steal here.


Making music is hard. With NodeBeat I sound like a big shot in the music industry. Give it a shot and start exploring the music in the game. The amazing thing; I never make a bad song, the software is that good. At $1.98, this “game” is worth every penny.

Majesty Fantasy Kingdom

I linked you to the lite version. Try it before you buy. I’m a huge fan of Majesty and Majesty 2 on PC. Fantastic strategy games that handle the genre in unique ways. The game works surprisingly well on-the-go. The full version is only $1.99.

That is it for this weekend. All three of these are fantastic titles and should keep you going for hours on end.


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