Sometimes, we need to separate our identities as gamers from the stuff we do that pays the bills. There are plenty of times that our feelings as lovers of the medium bleeds into our roles as members of the media and employees of publishers or developers. One such occurrence happened last week when Chuck Beaver, Story Producer on EA’s Dead Space series fired this shot at Epic Games’ Gears of War,

“Story can only ruin a game for those people who care about story, so it’s a conditional answer. For instance, Gears of War. It contains atrocious, offensive violations of story basics. Yet it doesn’t seem to ruin it for many, many people. It’s literally the worst writing in games, but seems to have no ill effects.”

The statement appeared in an interview that EA’s official blog conducted with Beaver.

It appears that someone higher up the food chain at EA didn’t like where this was headed. IGN discovered that the blog post had been pulled and, now, it seems Google’s cache of the offending statements is inaccessible, also. We suspect that there might have been some behind the scenes smoothing over as Epic’s normally outspoken Cliff Bleszinski hasn’t fired back via Twitter.

There are two different perspectives on EA’s decision to pull the offending statements down. On one hand, it’s a raw, unfiltered look at one developer’s view of another’s work that EA should allow the community to read and respond to. Depublishing is something typically frowned upon. On the other, maybe it’s just a better idea not to swing a baseball bat at that hornet’s nest.

What do you think? Should EA have removed the post?

Michael Futter is the Managing Editor of @RipTen. You can follow him on Twitter at @mmmfutter.