Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Green Building or Earth and Planetary Sciences Department has recently become one massive puzzle game. Hackers took the building and literally turned it into a giant Tetris game that could be controlled using a console. These controls allowed for blocks to be dropped, moved and rotated just like in the traditional version of Tetris.

The hacking minds at MIT have always thought having Tetris on the Green Building would be the ultimate hack. The building’s side is a perfect grid that lends itself almost naturally to the game.

The word “Tetris” starts off the game as the first level begins. The second level sees an addition of pale blocks making it harder for the player to identify the block type. The third level introduced the colors as shifting on screen. If you were to lose the game, all blocks would fall to the bottom of the grid.

This is a hack that has been talked about for years, so it is super cool to see someone finally pull it off.