So, are those NBA rehashes each year just not real enough for you? Maybe you need to pick up Majesco‘s NBA Baller Beats for your Xbox 360 when it drops later this year.

Majesco, of Cooking Mama fame, has recently announced their first Kinect title to use the motion tracking technology for more than just the human body. NBA Baller Beats is set for a fall release and will actually track the movments of a real basketball along with the players body.

Majesco senior product manager Tony Chien was quoted as saying, in most motion games, “you are pretend playing. You are moving your arms and doing different gestures.” Here, “you are not pretending to dribble a basketball, you actually have to dribble a basketball.”

Players will bounce the ball along with a musical beat and onscreen cue. Those of you thinking Guitar Hero or Rock Band are not far off. An onscreen icon will then prepare the player for an upcoming move they need to perform along with the beat of the music. This could be anything from a pump fake to a crossover.

Players will learn some real on court skills like left hand dribbling, right hand dribbling and making sure to look up while dribbling. The game will feature three skill levels as you progress: rookie, pro and the almighty baller.

Players can choose from any of the 30 NBA teams. All the logos and colors we love will be included for that authentic NBA feel. As a player progresses through the game, they will unlock posters, trading cards and videos of their teams superstars pulling off some stunning moves.

You can look forward to tracks from some of today’s top rock and hip hop artists. A few of the notable artists included are Kanye West, Gorillaz, Run-DMC, Skrillex, Common and Tiesto.