This is triumph, for all of science! If you’ve finished Portal 2, found all the secrets, and successfully learned to think with portals, then you’re ready for a new challenge, right? Then you’ll be happy to know that¬†Valve has announced release date of May 8th for the Perpetual Testing Initiative, which allows players to create and share puzzles for Portal 2. The DLC comes with a simplified puzzle maker that allows players to create their own puzzles from within the game itself. Then, creators can directly publish the maps to the Steam Workshop where they are available to everyone.

DLC like this again shows how much love Valve gives to the modding community. By giving the community the ability to create, they are enabling endless possibilities and extending the life of the title indefinitely. Embracing player’s creativity has shown itself time and again to be a good move for companies, and it’s a trend I hope to see adopted by the industry as a whole.


  1. The press release doesn’t specify, but it may be difficult to build levels with only the controller. That’s the only reason I can come up with that this release isn’t cross-platform. Well, that and it might be harder to distribute maps on consoles.