There is no doubt in my mind that learning is easier when it is fun. To me, it is pretty surprising that education systems have not tried to incorporate more games in their programs. Now, it would seem there is a push to add education games to the learning curriculum in some schools. Hopefully this catches on and starts becoming integrated into public and specialized schools. From first hand experience, I can tell you that my kid has learned a great deal from the tons of education apps designed for toddlers. In a recent interview with psfk Nt Etuk, the Founder of DimensionU, spoke quite a bit about their goals.

DimensionU is an online platform that features educational video games for children. What makes us unique is that we tie the games to motivational tools that are powered by virtual currency and rewards.

Another point Nt Etuk makes in the interview is that playing is natures way of teaching. Watch any nature show and you see the bear cubs or baby lions play fighting to learn skills they will need when they grow up. The same is true for children, even the fighting part. So raising kids to be comfortable with technology can only lead to positive results. Of course, the key is moderation. Learning to read a book and how to study and react to other people in the real world is important. What do you think, is this dangerous territory, or the next logical step in education? Visit psfk for the full interview.

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