Apparently, as I slumbered last night, things heated up on the Wii U front. A trailer for Rayman Legends made it’s way onto the interwebs and it gives us a great deal of information about the Wii U. Not only is the system, at a minimum, on par with the 360 and PS3, the tablet can be used in pretty innovative ways.

I would argue that the video shows a bit more power behind the Wii U than the current generation of systems based on the sharper details seen on the characters. This could be due to Ubisoft being more comfortable with rendering Rayman and added touches to make it prettier, but it seems to call out new power-hungry features by making note of the “Epic Rendering” abilities. Again, this could simply relate to advances in the programming behind the game. Take a quick gander at the video before you read on.

The game looks pretty awesome, but even more exciting are the hints at the Wii U tablet controller’s functionality. I would imagine the figures being placed on the tablet are specifically designed for the game, similar to the latest Skylanders offerings, but consider the design space that opens up. Hopefully by E3 we will hear more about what the system is capable of, and see a Rayman-ed version of Ezio cutting up some baddies.

The info gleaned from this video is a bit sparse, but with all things being rumor-tastic on the Wii U front, we finally get to see a great deal of information about what to expect from the system. Another exciting revelation comes from the multiplayer session in which one player controls the environment while the other three travel through each stage. With a 2-year old daughter that is just now getting into gaming via the iPad, the realization that, come Christmas, she can be playing games with Ma and Pa is very exciting.

Now, considering that Nintendo has been happy to chase the casual market, and all this functionality will appeal to the hardcore plus the casuals, things are looking pretty good for the console developer that just keeps trucking. Last night, I went to sleep with the Wii U as far from my mind as you could possibly imagine, this morning it is ranking right up there with Diablo III and Magic. (Those that know me will understand that that is a huge compliment.)

via[Kotaku] with video via[aussie-gamer]

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  1. I’ve never played a Rayman game, but this trailer has me pumped for Wii U and semi interested in this new Rayman title.

    Also, was that music at the end of the video from Back to the Future?