If you’re one of the people who’s considering making a map for Dungeon Defenders now that the development kit has been released for free, you might want to get on that. Trendy Entertainment is hosting a mapmaking contest with the first place prize netting you $1000, as well as putting your map into the game and a “prize pack”. I can’t say that I’ve played a lot of Dungeon Defenders, but it’s always nice to see a company embracing its userbase like this.

For the contest, all you need to do is submit your map to Trendy by the deadline of June 21st. From there, it’s going to go through the community and a panel of judges. Maps will be judged on a few different criteria, including balance, originality, style, detailing, and optimization.  More details are available on the Trendy Entertainment forums here. Good luck to all those who enter!

via [Joystiq]