One of the highlights of last year’s E3 for me was the demonstration of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier’s nifty new Gunsmith feature. As a fan of mech games, customization is in my DNA. Switching out parts for optimal destruction up close or stealthy kills long distance is what drives addicts like me.

When Ubisoft demonstrated the sweet Kinect features to make the all of those guns my very own, placing them right in my virtual hands, I was sold. I immediately knew that I would be spending hours min/maxing my load out. It’s what I do. Now, I find out that there’s going to be an iOS app with similar features to the Call of Duty Elite, allowing me to tweak my armaments on the go. Great, I can already hear my iPad’s battery screaming for mercy.

It seems that with Mass Effect 3’s Kinect voice features, the upcoming addition of vocal commands to Skyrim, Steel Battalion Heavy Armor’s complete integration and, now, the blindingly cool use of motion tech in Ghost Recon, the Kinect might finally be winning over some of the core gaming audience. I know I was impressed when I first took Kinect voice commands for a spin.

You can watch the ins and outs of Gunsmith, smoking bad guys and getting intimate with the mobile app in the new video below.



Ghost Recon Future Soldier arrives on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on May 22, 2012. PC users will, unfortunately, have to wait until June 12.