If you’ve ever wanted to watch your friends duke it out in League of Legends, or perhaps observe the tactics of the game’s top players, thanks to Riot Games you’ll soon be able to do so.

Due to be released with the the game’s next patch, Spectator Mode allows players to view games in-progress, taking advantage of an AI-driven directed camera and Timeshift controls which allows them to slow down, rewind and fast forward the action. In addition to watching your friends, players will be able to spectate Featured Matches at any time, showcasing high-level competitive players clashing upon the Fields of Justice. The ability to watch high-end matches in particular should be a great boon to the community – there’s something intrinsically exciting about watching highly skilled players combat each other.

More details on the new Spectator Mode can be found below, along with a video showcasing the mode’s features.

Spectate Your Friends                                                                                                                                                                    

In the full release of Spectator Mode you’ll now have the option to drop in and watch a friend’s game that’s currently underway. To select this option, simply right click on their nameplate in your Friends List, and select the “Spectate Game” option to begin watching. You will immediately join the selected game with the standard, three-minute delay already factored in. There’s no limit on how many players are allowed to observe a friend’s game in this manner.

Featured Games

Interested in watching a few matches featuring players at the very top of League of Legends? When you load the client, you’ll now have a list of live Featured Games that you can view. These games showcase some of the best players that League of Legends has to offer, so be sure to check them out any time you’re interested in viewing some high-level play. There is no limit on how many players can observe a featured game.

Timeshift Controls

We know how frustrating missing an important moment while viewing a heated battle on the Fields of Justice can be. So to prevent you from ever missing a beat, we’ve added the Timeshift controls to Spectator Mode. Through Timeshift you can rewind, slow down, or even pause the live game you’re observing to take in all the action at your own pace. Once you’re done, you can fast forward or jump ahead to catch back up with the progress of the match.

Directed Camera

By engaging Directed Camera mode you can allow the computer to guide your perspective, automatically selecting the most interesting action on the field. While this mode is engaged, the computer will analyze everything that is currently happening in the game and select the most significant event, whether it’s First Blood, a team fight or a baron attempt. You can even select a specific player that you’d like the Directed Camera to focus on, or jump to another event by pressing the space bar.