Though Nintendo hinted at this intent at last year’s E3, it appears the planned Wii U and 3DS connectivity will be an important venture explored in the company’s upcoming projects.  The creator of the Super Smash Bros. series, Masahiro Sakurai, has recently stated that one of the key aspects of the future entries in the franchise will be a connection between the two systems.

Details are sparse at the moment, but Sakurai told IGN that “The key to [innovating with the franchise is] going to be its dual support for 3DS/Wii U,”  confirming the company’s intention to link these two consoles.  Sakurai offered little else about the games, most likely because development is still in its early phases.  He did express the hope that he will “come up with something that uses that link as the game’s central axis,” implying this may be one of the more ambitious cross-platform connectivity functions.

Nintendo has notably tried this handheld and home console connectivity in the past a number of times, but this technology’s adoption on a widespread scale has not yet occurred.  I personally bought the Game Boy Advance/GameCube link cable years ago, but after toying around with Tingle for five minutes in The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, I quickly abandoned it because of the hassle it caused.  Nintendo’s implementation in the past has proven disappointing in my use, but the industry has changed quite a bit since their previous efforts, and if anything, looking to its competitor Sony, Nintendo might find how to best connect these titles.

The Vita has allowed save files to be transferred between PS3 and Vita copies of certain games, such as MLB 12: The Show, so players can take their save files with them on the go.  Something along these lines, or even cross-platform multiplayer that would allow players from both systems to compete online might sell the connectivity Nintendo has consistently failed to promote.  I’d love nothing more than to take my progress from a single player Smash Bros. adventure and play it during my commute, or allow more players to join in on the fun by tying to the two titles together.  Nintendo has faltered in this respect in the past, and I can only hope they’ll give players the extensive Smash Bros. experience we all want.

via [TGDaily]