There have been a lot of rumors flying around lately about the Wii U running a version of Android OS. Nintendo and Google have yet to confirm anything regarding the marrying of their console and operating system. It does leave Android owners, and prospective Wii U buyers, to wonder about the different possibilities this pairing could offer. Nintendo has lacked in the department of downloadable content and applications. The addition of Android’s Google Play Store to the Wii U could be of enormous help when it comes to “filling the cabinets” with media and applications.

We are particularly interested to see how the Wii U’s tablet controller interfaces with the system and software. With the controller essentially being a tablet, Nintendo could bite right into that oh so popular gaming market that has made Apple‘s iOS and Android devices popular. Given the right integration, Nintendo could gain a massive back catalog of games and entertainment on day one of the Wii U’s release.

Nintendo has suffered from poor sales in a fiercely competitive mobile market. The Wii U will need to make one massive splash if Nintendo expects to compete in the next generation of consoles. The addition of Google’s OS could be the shot Nintendo needs to get a buzz going. Let’s not forget this would allow Android developers a more intensive platform on which to develop games and applications.

At the end of the day, this is still a rumor, but a pretty cool one that could certainly give a company like Nintendo the edge as we head into the next round of console releases.

Do you think this is a smart move for Nintendo? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

via [AndroidHeadlines]


  1. It wouldn’t be surprising. Nintendo created an operating system Google now uses (Es). It would definitely an interesting strategy. We’ll definitely see what happens after E3.

  2. Nintendo is too original to use android. They will most likely develop their own linux based OS like the Wii

    • Yeah, I mean, its not like they have been rehashing all of their IPs over the past 25 years. Really original. 

      • Typical blind gamer. Nintendo’s sequels are always original in their own right. Just because they have the same name doesn’t mean anything. 
        They are the best game developer in the world, hands down.

  3. Didn’t the Nintendo work with Apple on the Wii?  I would figure that a pairing like that would be more likely than Android.

    Also keep in mind that Android is already aligned with Sony, and Microsoft has it’s own mobil Windows it’s pushing.  It seems that Apple and Nintendo are the only two unaccounted for so far in the Console to Smartphone pairings.

      •  0_o Sony and Google aren’t “paired”. Sony’s merely adopting the platform to push their PS1 classics and “PS certified” games. I highly doubt google really did much to start that, it’s all Sony taking advantage of that market (poorly, but still).

  4. I kind of hate how people put tablet like controller to tablet devices and say “Oh Nintendo is gonna try to copy the tablet market…” Umm, wasn’t the first patent for the Wii U controller filed in like 2008? That would actually put them ahead of the game, just took them longer to release and well, not the same idea. I’d much rather have Nintendo use their own OS for the Wii U. Nintendo has proven over and over they can stand alone like aahhhh, Apple the company everyone thinks Nintendo should copy. The two are very much alike in that they march to their own beat. They’re both industry leaders in what they do.

  5. If they did this, either they will partner closely with Google to create a highly curated environment (i.e. not the vast openness of Android), or they will go the Amazon Fire route, and base the Wii U on a highly modified version of Android that Nintendo curates themselves.

  6. i doubt that they would do this, nintendo doesn’t like to have games on their system without full control of it