Think about where you were at 2 AM Saturday Night. If you’re like many gamers, you were awake and playing games… with cold feet. The only thing between you and total digital bliss? Your frozen foot fingers.

We’ve got great news. has graciously offered us a pair of their new Angry Birds slippers to keep your little piggies nice and toasty. You can check out the whole BunnySlippers lineup, which is one of the most diverse selections of comfort footwear I’ve ever seen, right on their website.

They also have a blog. Truth be told, I was having trouble finding something witty to say about it… until I went there. You see, slipper people and gaming people aren’t so different. We both love what we love… and neither can deny the power of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Yes. There is an ATHF reference on their blog. You win, BunnySlippers. You. Win.

OK… so to the meat of this thing. We have a pair of Angry Birds slippers. You want ’em.

The entry rules are pretty simple.

  1. Follow @RipTen on Twitter.
  2. Tweet the following, “Win a pair of Angry Birds slippers from @RipTen and BunnySlippers. RT and follow to win! #AngryRipTenBirds”
  3. Keep your eye on your Direct Messages after the contest closes on Friday May 4, 2012 at 5 PM Pacific Time. One lucky North American (yes, NA only) winner is getting some sweet looking footwear.

That’s all… now go out and Three-Star the interwebs with your mad angry tweeting skills.