I thought it would be many years before my childhood dream came to fruition. SEGA has proved me wrong by developing a urinal mounted gaming device appropriately named Toylet.

The unit or console itself will run 140,000 yen ($1,748) and games will be about 10,000 yen ($125) a piece upon release. There is also an optional coin box which turns this into an arcade that disposes of your waste for a mere 25,000 yen ($312).

A sensor located inside the urinal measures the volume and pressure of your stream all while transferring that information into your own little mini game. All of the games will be featured on an eye level screen and include objectives like filling a coffee can or blowing up a women’s skirt. Game time will clock in at under a minute and finish with an advertisement as dictated by the owner.

Sorry ladies, at this time the Toylet will only work with urinals and not the traditional sit down thrones. If you are interested, please keep in mind that the price is sans the actual urinal and requires it be purchased separately.

I cannot think of a single friend who would not try this out, it’s combining the two most influential times of day, gaming and bathroom time.

Is anyone intrigued or disgusted by this innovation? Leave a comment and let us know.



  1. Only way it would be “worth it” is if there was a high score list for largest volume, although if this was put in a bar someone would probably make a killing